Gluten Free Chocolate Pie

This is a recipe for vegan chocolate pie, need I say more? If you don’t love chocolate, this is not the recipe you are looking for, move along. (Star Wars reference in case you missed it.)

choclate pie2

Thanksgiving and Christmas are fast approaching here in Texas and chocolate pie is something we always have for dessert for those two holidays. Last year I attempted to make this pie vegan and FAILED, big time. I couldn’t make it set up unless I practically froze it and the taste was off. I have since tinkered with the recipe and perfected it.

chocpie4Look at how beautifully set it is!

Now to get started you need to bake your pie crust since we wont bake it with the filling in it. Make sure the pie crust is vegan (no lard) and gluten free. Alternatively you can make your own crust.

While you’re waitin’ for your crust to bake get to workin’ on your fillin’! Make 3 veganeggs by following the directions on the box and place them into a pot. To the eggs add 3 1/2 TBSP cornstarch  OR 1/3 cup gluten free flour, 3 TBSP cocoa, 1 cup sugar, 1/4 TSP salt, 2 cups almond milk. Ok, just want to put it out there in case you didn’t notice, DO NOT USE BOTH CORNSTARCH AND FLOUR. One or the other only. For the almond milk I used Silk Protein Vanilla because it’s thick and already has a good flavor to it.

Cook and stir this mixture over medium heat until it becomes thickened. It should be so thick that it looks like it’s hard for the bubbles to even come up. When you pull your spoon out it should stick to it, not run off. Can you tell how important it is for it to be THICK? Once it’s thick stir in 4 TBSP of vegan butter (I used earthbalance) and 1 TSP vanilla.

By this time the pie crust should be done, add the filling in the crust and let it cool. I stick mine in the fridge for a couple of hours to make sure it’s really set. That’s it yall! It’s so delicious you’ll want to eat it right from the pie tin!

Now when you go to clean the dishes you may just want to scrape off all that extra filling left over and eat it, I highly encourage this. I even encourage licking the pot clean if that’s what you feel like you need to do… I don’t judge!


Gluten Free Chocolate Pie




  1. Bake your pie crust.
  2. Make veganeggs following the directions on the package. Add them to a pot along with cornstarch  OR  gluten free flour,  cocoa,  sugar, salt, and almond milk.
  3. Cook over medium heat and continually stir until very thick. Once thick, remove from heat and add butter and vanilla.
  4. Place filling into crust and cool in fridge.
  5. Slice and serve!


I hope you enjoy this holiday favorite, contact me with any questions. Don’t forget to follow me to keep up to date on my posts and get new recipes!


2 thoughts on “Gluten Free Chocolate Pie

  1. Very yummy recipe


    1. Super yum! I would share, but there never seems to be any left!

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