Gluten Free Banana Pudding

I’m back after a week break to be with my family for what we call ThanksLIVING. I have many good recipes to share from that so let’s get started.

Yall, Banana pudding, it’s a whole thing here, I mean a big thing. Some people will only eat their moms. It’s very personal and varies from family to family. Some use banana flavored pudding, others (like me) despise it being made with anything but vanilla because of the artificial banana flavor. In any case, this banana pudding is certified from many to be the “only one I’d eat besides my moms”. Badge of honor for sure!

It’s crazy that people love this dish so much because it’s so easy it seems silly.  It only takes 4 ingredients and a little patience to make this beautiful an rich dessert. This is so good I made my husband bring it to work in fear that I would eat the entire thing by myself, no joke.


Start off by taking your whipped coco out of the freezer to thaw so it will not be hard when you go to use it. Next make your pudding because waiting for it to thicken is what takes the most time out of this recipe . I found a boxed vegan pudding at my local health food store, but you can also make your own. The boxed pudding only has two ingredients: cornstarch and vanilla flavor so I assume it would be a breeze to make yourself. Let me know if you do!

Once your pudding is in the frig to thicken start assembling your vanilla cookies. For this place the cookies all around a Pyrex dish. I use the Pyrex because you can see all  the layers at the end and it’s just so pretty! Sometimes if I am making this for a large group I do a double batch of all the ingredients and do two layers. Arranging the cookies is all you can do until the pudding is set.

After you’ve waited, somewhat patiently, it’s time to assemble the dessert. The bottom of the Pyrex dish should have your cookies on it. Then you will slice up about 3 bananas approx a 1/4 inch thick. They don’t have to be perfect, mine are all different sizes. Place the banana slices on top of the cookies but covering the holes you can see where the cookies meet.

Take half of your whipped coco and place it into the bowl that contains your pudding. fold gently until incorporated evenly. This makes the pudding nice, light, and fluffy. Place the pudding/coco whip mixture on top of the bananas. Finally finish with the rest of the whipped coco.

bananapudding3Look at that layered goodness!

If you are making a double batch and want to make to layers simply add the next layer of cookies on top of the coco whip and repeat the process.

It’s that simple yall and oh, so delicious!

bananapudding1It doesn’t look that pretty but you really won’t care!

Gluten Free Banana Pudding




  1. Defrost Coco whip. Make pudding according to package directions and place in refrigerator to thicken. Line dish with cookies.
  2. Slice bananas about a 1/4 inch thick. Place banana slices on top of the cookies but covering the holes you can see where the cookies meet.
  3. Gently fold in half of the Coco whip into the pudding. Place this mixture on top of the bananas. Top with remaining coco whip. If doubling, continue the steps ending with coco whip on top.
  4. If you can stand it place it in the refrigerator for a couple hours, but it’s not entirely necessary. I’ve dug in right after making it before!


I hope you enjoy this classic southern dessert, contact me with any questions. Don’t forget to follow me to keep up to date on my posts and get new recipes!

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