Vegan Holidays and how to survive them

Well, if there’s one things about the holiday season it definitely gets every vegan on edge about the thousands of questions they will receive. Some people have awesome supportive families and friends while others have horror stories. I’d like to discuss a little about how to survive this stressful time.


Who can relate?!

Let me start off by saying this, if you are tricked by a family member into eating an animal product you HAVE TO set boundaries with them. I know it can seem harsh when you start off, to be direct, but these “jokes” are far from innocent. I am by no means advising you to get into a fist fight with this person. Be calm, clear, and simple.

Also do not fall for the trap of having a little taste of some animal products, remember why you chose to be vegan and stick with your guns. Otherwise, people won’t take your choice seriously.

You do not need to apologize for your choice to be vegan. 

The holidays should be happy and joyous with friends and family so go to the events, but bring your own food and some to share. People get VERY curious about vegan food and want to try it. You can use this as a way to “plant seeds” as I call it.

Educate A SMALL AMOUNT. DO NOT get into a discussion about slaughterhouses unless someone is legitimately asking and curious.  This is not the time to belittle someone in a glorious rage. You can get more positive feedback and create a better image for vegans all around by not being an “angry vegan”.

That being said, do not be a push over! Do not let them constantly joke at your expense. There’s a time for everything and people need to have a clear boundary on when it’s time to stop.

Now back to bringing your own food…… thanksliving

This was our spread for this year’s ThanksLiving. Pretty nice right? oh my gosh, SO GOOD! You can find the recipes on my blog for some of these dishes.

This was our first year to make a vegan ham and it’s pretty good. My husband is in love with it. I had to buy these online, but you can get them at whole foods. We also made a Tofurky roast again which is our go to because it’s delicious. Others disagree and prefer Gardein. I love them both, but Justin likes the Tofurky more. So with this spread obviously you have plenty to share with people and lots of chances to plant seeds!

Now, I know it is VERY HARD to sit back and watch as people eat and talk about “how delicious” animal flesh and secretions are. Often times when I feel overwhelmed I leave the room and gather myself. I DO NOT watch other people eat or engage in conversation like,”Bet you miss this”. No ma’am. If you must remove yourself, do so. It’s not the time to start an all out brawl.

One thing that I’ve had a lot of hosts ask is for a vegan recipe, I always graciously decline and say I will bring a dish plus some to share with everyone. This takes the pressure off them and allows you to be at peace knowing it’s 100% vegan. Not all hosts do this so don’t expect a vegan spread if you haven’t brought your own.


So good luck this holiday season, dodge those zings with a smile on your face. Kill em with kindness as my mom would say.

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