Vegan Park City, Utah

Well if the holiday season wasn’t busy enough we decided to sell our home, move into an apartment while we build, and go on a vacation. Not our best idea, but the vacation was like the calm before the storm (of moving out that is). It was very relaxing and much needed.

We went to Park City, Utah for our winter vacation for some skiing and eating! I researched and found this is one of the best ski places for vegans. Of course, I already had each meal planned out before we even got there! I tried to remember to get pictures but all I had was my phone and most of the time I ate the whole thing before realizing I forgot to snap a photo! We did end up going to Whole Foods to get some groceries so we wouldn’t have to eat out all the time.

Good Karma

Our first stop, on the first day was Good Karma. They are an “Indo-Persian” restaurant and the waitstaff really knows what’s in the food. Our waitress was able to tell us every ingredient in each dish, we were flabbergasted! We started off with some samosas which were very different from a traditional samosa here in Texas, but still good. I would be careful and ask about the slaw salad. On Happy Cow I saw naan, which I was very excited for because the only other place we have had vegan naan is in Maldives (which the chef special made for us every meals, so awesome). The naan here is sadly NOT VEGAN! Justin got daal and I got tofu vindaloo. The spiciness was great but we were upset the only side we could get was rice and more vegetables. Oh well, better for our health I suppose.

Este Pizza

Oh man, this place is the BOMB yall! I’m not even going to get all ellborate about it just know that they have VEGAN: buffalo wings, garlic knots, and lasagna pizza. Yes lasagna pizza complete with ricotta, meatballs, and more cheese! Completely vegan! It’s so good my mouth is watering typing this.  Needless to say, we ate here a few times!

Ganesh Indian Cuisine

We found out very quickly that at the Deer Valley Resort there is basically nothing to eat. I mean a baked potato, plain, for $14. Dry salad anyone after you’ve been on the slopes all day? No, thanks! So we would have to go off site to grab a good bite to eat. We chose Ganesh because something spicy sounded great after being in the snow all day. I was so ravenous I didn’t get a single picture. Everything that’s vegan is labeled. HOORAY, there’s no guessing and hoping here. We got an order of samosas, channa masala and 2 bowls of sambar. Just what we needed after the cold! The samosas and sambar were so yum we came back again and got them. The channa masala was ok,  not good enough to pay for it again.

Fun fact: while in my ski boots I tried to go to the restroom and literally fell onto someones table. Embarrassing.

Squatters Pub

This pub amazed me because all the vegan items were labeled and they could even make some of their non-vegan dishes vegan! For an appetizer we had the chips, salsa, and refritos. Refritos are refried black beans, which look bad, but are tasty. Justin had tofu tacos, which look and taste just like street tacos. I ended up with a delicious curry, filled with vegetables and very spicy!

501 on Main

This restaurant is so cozy, main street is so darn cute, and the food is so amazing I wish I could teleport there now. They have dishes that aren’t typically vegan and the waitstaff is very knowledgeable. It was dinner time when we made our reservation, but the waitress informed us they make vegan buffalo wings for lunch and that the kitchen could whip us up some. So considerate! We also ordered vegan chili and tomato basil soup (made with coconut milk). Yall this soup was just what I have been searching for. Typically tomato basil soup isn’t vegan and so I have not had it since going vegan. The cup was so good I wanted another bowl but we had already ordered our curry and risotto. Both entrees were phenomenal and came served atop a fried shredded potato basket. I did not care for the potato basket, but Justin ate his and mine.

risottoRisotto, full of delicious vegetables!

Zest Kitchen & Bar

After our first day skiing my husband got altitude sickness, which he has had before, and had to stay off the mountain. We decided to go down to Salt Lake City for the day to get him out of the altitude, venture around, and eat at fully vegan restaurants. We ended up at Zest a vegan & gluten free restaurant. We started with some drinks and quickly realized the bartender has some serious skills! She created my all time favorite drink, Summer Snow. It’s outstanding and you must try it if you go. My husband also found a new gluten free beer he loved called Green’s Triple Ale. Besides the awesome drinks the food was great too. We started off with the cheese plate which had three different cheeses they make there. Um, Vegan cheese plate? Sign me up everyday of the week! Very delicious! For our entrees Justin had the Irish stew and I had the miso ramen. I’m a sucker for ramen, if it’s vegan and on the menu I will always get it. This ramen was full of vegetables too, which I love! Both dishes were hearty, tasty, and filling.

The flowers on the cheese plate were edible, such a cute and yummy touch!

Vertical Diner

Vertical diner is also in Salt Lake City, and the only restaurant I’ve ever been to that does full plates of vegan breakfast food. I mean a full, overflowing plate! The portion sizes at this place were ridiculously huge. We ended up ordering the buffalo tigers (buffalo wings), Jamaica Your Dream, Philly cheese steak, and The Avalanche breakfast. Avalanche is very fitting as the whole plate is filled tofu scramble, hash browns, mushrooms, and topped with a pancake! The pancake was light and fluffy and everything on the plate had great flavor. The Jamaica Your Dream is jerk chick’n with black beans, rice, pepper, onions, and a tortilla. I like my jerk chick’n spicy, which wasn’t the case here but the jerk flavor was spot on! For a side my husband got mac n’ cheese and it was literally the best mac n’ cheese I’ve ever had in a restaurant! The Philly cheese steak is topped with this cheese sauce and it’s so darn good yall. Everything here just blew us out of the water.


That wraps up our eating adventures in Park City! I was pleasantly surprised at how vegan friendly it was and how knowledgeable the waitstaff seemed to be at the restaurants. I would recommend it for sure! See yall next time……..


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