Vegan Cheese Board

So you feelin’ fancy? Ok, maybe not so much, but grab some vegan wine and maybe invite some friends (if you can bring yourself to share) to enjoy this plethora of cheeses! Trying new cheeses is often daunting because most vegan cheeses are expensive and you worry you will hate it, then it’s money down the drain. Luckily I have done the dirty work for ya! I mean it’s very hard to try so many yummy cheeses, but I am willing to do it for you!

When we first went vegan we tried many cheeses and every once in awhile we will get a fancy cheese and try it. While we were in Utah we decided to try Miyoko’s Winter Truffle and were amazed by how real it tasted. It was creamy, earthy, herb-y, and tangy. We ended up getting another one because we ate the whole thing, basically in one sitting. The winter truffle is our favorite to date, but they are currently sold out and I can’t find it anywhere around here.

For Christmas Eve we all go over to my mom’s house and this year I decided to make an awesome cheese board for everyone to enjoy. It was such a hit and the dried fruit, nuts, and olives were such a great compliment to each of the cheeses. We were limited in the flavor selection of the cheeses because of the area we live in, but the ones we found were still very tasty.

So what exactly did we put on this awesome wheel of deliciousness?

The Cheeses:

Miyoko’s Rustic Alpine – This cheese is slightly sweet and smokey with a good rich flavor.

Miyoko’s Garlic Herb – This one is my second favorite flavor so far. Obviously who doesn’t love garlic and herb? DELICIOUS. If you’re only getting one, get this one.

Miyoko’s Smoked Farmhouse – This one is intensely smokey and kind of hard compared to the others. If you dig smoked Gouda cheese you will like this one.

Daiya Jalapeno Garlic Havarti – This is the ONLY block cheese I have found that I like. It doesn’t taste rubbery or sour like others do. It has some spice but not enough that it should turn you off if you aren’t into that kind of thing. It taste like a pepper jack cheese to me, yum!

The Pairings:

Dried cranberries and apricots (went great with the smoked farmhouse)

Nut mix

Marcona Almonds (delicious with the garlic herb)

Kalamata and green olives (awesome by themselves or with the rustic alpine)

Lightlife vegan jerky (Loved this meatless jerky, it is the best we have tried so much)


cheeseboard2This is my mom’s Christmas plate, she has the cutest dishes! Look at that plate full of deliciousness!


So that’s all you need to make an awesome cheese board! Of course you can mix and match whatever you want. Let me know your favorite pairings!

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