New Vegan Products We LOVE

If you are reading this it means….. I AM ON VACATION. Yes, I will be in the Maldives for awhile but I didn’t want to leave yall without some love while I’m gone! Ok, I don’t know if you know this but veganism is booming. It’s on fire, the best thing since, well, EVER! Loads of people are transitioning which is propelling the market to meet the demand for top notch products. I wanted to let yall know of some new products we’ve tried personally and adore. Now these may not necessarily be new on the market but they are to us.


This is a biggie for transitioning and each year the vegan cheese market gets better and better. Our new favorite shredded cheese is So Delicious. This cheese is almost always sold out around us because it is that amazing. In my opinion no other shredded cheese on the market comes close to the flavor, texture, and melting capability of this cheese.

Sliced cheese isn’t being left behind, I mean what’s a grilled cheese without an awesome melty cheese?! It’s a tough one to say between my beloved Chao and the new Follow Your Heart slices. One plus for FYH is that it comes in SO MANY delicious flavors, anyone up for smoked gouda? YES PLEASE! They also have pepper jack, mozz, provolone, and cheddar. Sometimes I combine three or four to make a grilled cheese and I am not at all ashamed by that.

Now that’s talk the ultimate of cheesy comfort food, Mac N’ Cheese. Now I have 2 different styles on my blog but I wanted to share with you our absolute favorite from a box, Upton Naturals. It is so cheesy, gooey, convenient, and easy. It literally takes 1 minute to make from the box. Not only do they have the old familiar flavor, they also have a Cheesy Bacon Mac. AH, my heart (in a good way!)

How about a bagel with a scrumptious cream cheese? Look no further than Daiya Cream Cheese. We always have two in the fridge, one regular (of course for my hubby) and one chive and onion for me. OOHHH man, spreadable and melty, full of flavor. If you haven’t yet, try it out!

The perfect crumbly mozz for an epic pizza or for eating right our the box is Miyoko’s VeganMozz, melts perfectly into any dish and has that tangy creaminess you know and love. Not surprising since every single cheese from Miyoko’s is absolute perfection.


I am super excited about Miyoko’s Vegan Butter because it does ot contain palm oil like other vegan butters. Plus, c’mon it’s Miyoko’s, they just have everything down to a perfect science to fool even your carnivore friends.


I scream, you scream, we all scream for MORE VEGAN ICE CREAM!! Sorry, I had to.

Up until recently I’ve been strictly a So Delicious ice cream girl but now it’s tied for Halo Top . The awesome news is both of these have so many flavors you will never get bored. So Delicious just debuted 5 new pint flavors along with the bars that are mandated to be in my freezer at all times. Halo Top has 14 different flavors but pancakes & waffles I my favorite. I eat it by the pint, but for only 320 calories WHO CARES?!


Life altering info coming to you now….. Beyond Meat has a burger that’s so real it bleeds BUT even more than that they.have.vegan.sausage! Yall, it looks like the real deal, fells like it, tastes like it, cooks like it, OH MY GOSH! gimme gimme gimme! It’s currently only sold at Whole Foods so we drove 1.5 hours to get it but it is worth it. I can’t recommend enough. I will use it in my upcoming recipes.

Tofurky must have updated their recipe because the new vegan ham taste better/ has a better texture and has all new heating directions.

Have you heard of the TTLA? Probably  if you have an internet connection to read this but Whole Foods released a vegan BLT basically with tempeh and avocado. The sandwhich is the bomb but if you can’t make it to a WF or want to make it at home the tempeh bacon they use is from Lightlife and mmmmm it is good!

Lightlife also makes a pretty killer vegan jerky but it has a lot of mixed reviews. We love it but others cant stomach it.


There are vegan taquitos, almost couldn’t type that fast enough! Yes, they exist and yes I’ve tried every flavor. Starlite has 3 flavors of taquitos and ALSO three flavors of rolled tacos, which is basically the same thing but the taco shells are flour. The awesome thing about the corn taquitos is they are gluten free! The chicken is my favorite but I’m not gonna turn down any vegan taquito that comes my way! They also have enchiladas but I haven’t had the pleasure yet.

BITCHIN Sauce…. Don’t ask me what it’s technically supposed to be but I’ll dip just about anything in it and eat it. They have a variety of flavors but cilantro chili is our favorite. P.S. dip your Starlite taquito into it if you want to see stars!

Bacon Habenero chips, yes please! Late July makes these amazing treats but beware it is  easy to down a whole bag.




There are a ton of new vegan foods coming out that we are so looking forward to and will update when we’ve tried them!

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