We’re Back!

I know, it’s been almost an entire year since I’ve posted anything but A LOT of life happened right after that post. We found out we were pregnant! So we took the past year to just enjoy being pregnant and our journey into parenthood. Sorry for the interruption, but it was very much needed!

I know some of you may be curious about my vegan pregnancy: Yes, my pregnancy was completely healthy while being vegan and my blood work was always perfect. I kept very active doing yoga twice per day and walking in the afternoon with my husband. I gained 16 pounds total and lost it by 10 days postpartum. No, I didn’t crave any non-vegan foods. Just wanted my dark chocolate and fruit…better yet fruit dipped in dark chocolate! Yum!! Our baby is also perfectly healthy, gaining weight, growing fast and I am overproducing breastmilk so there is no nutritional deficiencies in either of us. I’m getting ready to make my first donation and am so proud.

I’m excited to get back and share some stories of our adventures and give yall some new recipes! See yall soon…..

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